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Thread: Runas error 1326

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    Runas error 1326

    I have been trying to install a program using batch file in my system on our network remotely. I am using below command as i have remote computers local admin credentials.
    "command.cmd". %1 is obviously the local machine name.
    However i am getting "Error 1326: Logon failure unknown user name or bad password". I have tried adding /netonly switch but than i get run error saying "The system cannot find the path specified" . I am just running out of ideas now and i need someone to help me out.

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    Re: Runas error 1326

    Try calling runas with a password, i do same for runasspc.
    runasspc.exe /program:"e:\installfile.exe" /domain:"localhost"
    /user:"localadmin" /password:"password"
    If you want than you can encrypt complete call for hiding login and other information's.
    runasspc.exe /cryptfile:"d:\temp\install.spc" /quiet

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    Re: Runas error 1326

    There is an extra option or netonly for the runas command that allows running the local application as a domain user usually on a non-domain machine. When I ran it on Windows 7 Pro then it was working wonderfully for me but it will also require an elevated command prompt like this - runas /netonly /user:domain\user command

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    Re: Runas error 1326

    If I am understanding your question properly then you are attempting to use the domain credentials to log onto a machine which is not a member of that domain and it cannot be done as such. On the domain computers it is only possible to logon by the Domain accounts and local accounts will only log onto the local machine with exceptions. Hope this sorts out your issue.

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