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Thread: Delegate Control to rename and add/remove computer from domain

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    Delegate Control to rename and add/remove computer from domain

    I need some help to deal with control of desktop support. I am not able to delegate proper control on the same. I need some help to add computers to the domain. The things that I want to do is to rename the computer which are on the domain already. It is quiet easy I think. If I can just assign proper rights I might be able to do that. I can simply create or get rid of objects and there are more thing I can try. But before that I need some advice is doing the same. I want to know what others are trying.

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    What you are trying to do is not that much simple. I will recommend you to adopt a common practice that can help you to work with delegations or else you might screw up other settings also. It is not at all complicated to handle or work on the same. There are groups or you can work with new delegation also. Somehow it can be a difficult job for you to wrk on new group or simply grant objects without having any plan how to use them.

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    Re: Delegate Control to rename and add/remove computer from domain

    If you are looking for giving permission to move computer accounts then the below link can be enough to fix the issue. You can through this link find the settings to delegate control to a user or a group. You must do the same properly so that you won't land into fresh errors. It is common that people go ahead with improper permission delegation due to which they get various issue when it comes to user management. There are few guide on the web that offer you smart way of dealing with the permission thing in Windows Server.
    How to Grant Permission to Move Computer Accounts to a User or Group

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    Re: Delegate Control to rename and add/remove computer from domain

    Launch dsa.msc from Start > Run box. You have to right click on the OU to modify it. Just click on Delegation Control on the same. This will launch Delegation Control Wizard. Click on Next and add the user or group to whom you want to grant permission. You can add different users and then click on Next. Then go ahead in the Task and click on Delegate page. Click on Custom Task > Next. The next thing you have to do is click on Computer Objects. Go in Permission List > Rest Password > Read and Write Account Restriction > Validated Write to DNS > Validated write to Service Principle > Next.

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