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Thread: user does not have access privileges

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    user does not have access privileges

    I had burnt a .doc file in a CD-R in windows 2003 but now when i am trying to save its content in my system running windows xp than i am get a message saying "word cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges (E:\fileneme.doc)". I have tried copying its content rather than saving it but then it comes up with another message saying " cannot copy filename: Access is denied .. make sure the disk in not full or write protected and that the file is not currently i use"

    I don't know how come i am getting a right protected error and all. I did not had issue in copying and saving its content in windows 2003. I had tested it out quite a few times. I need to copy that file urgently so is there anyone who can help me out??

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    Re: user does not have access privileges

    I have never heard of a case like yours. You mean to say that you have burnt cd in windows 2003 and it has applied write protected permission because of which you are not able to save it or copy it in to windows xp system?? correct me if i am wrong.
    I also want to know if you have crossed checked it on some other windows 2003 system or windows xp if not than try it out first. As far as i van guess there might be something wrong in your system and not the cd that you have burnt.

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