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Thread: Access denied: Require permission from Administrators.. etc, etc...

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    Access denied: Require permission from Administrators.. etc, etc...

    I am having a rather odd problem. Hopefully someone here can help.

    Setup: 1 Windows 2008 Standard Server, all updates applied. No AD. Just performing simple peer file sharing. 1 Windows 7 Ultimate Workstation.

    - Both machines are in the same Workgroup
    - User account created on the server and workstation, same name and password.
    - User account is in the Administrators group on the server and workstation.
    - Networks shares on the server are setup Everyone Change + Read.
    - File level permissions are Administrators and System Full Control. Users Read only. CREATOR OWNER Full control.
    - User is not in the Users group or any restricting group with less permissions.
    - Ownership of all files and folders is Administrators group.


    When I map a network drive from the workstation to the server share and try to modify files on the network share then save the file I get an access denied message. how is this possible when I am using Administrator level access? It's extremely frustrating. I have set this up on Windows 2003 Server dozens of times with no issues.. am I missing a new step?


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    Re: Access denied: Require permission from Administrators.. etc, etc...

    I think that you are missing some minor settings. I am not aware about the Windows 7 but I know the similar issue with the Windows XP. There is an option in sharing tab, in Network Sharing and Security section. By default only the first option is checked and the other option in unchecked. An error message "access denied", pops up when the other option is not checked and you are trying to modify the file. I think you will get better idea after having a look over here. This is image and similarly you will have to check both the options. If still you are having some problem, feel free to post over here.

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    Re: Access denied: Require permission from Administrators.. etc, etc...

    Ok after messing with this for a while I found that I had to remove the security for Users on the files even make a new group with R+W with the user in it to get it to work. A very odd problem but worked around.

    You would think that would mean the user I created was in the Users group but it wasn't which is why it's baffling me.

    I would call this a workaround and definitely still a bug.

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    Re: Access denied: Require permission from Administrators.. etc, etc...

    For shares, there are actually two different sets of permissions. One is the NTFS permissions with Full Control, Change and Read. The other set consists of the OS permissions with Full Control, Modify, Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, etc. In other words, one set is controlled by the file system, the other is controlled by the OS and your actual permissions are a combination of the two with the most restrictive being the 'winner' in any discrepancy between the two. That might be the cause of your issues.

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