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Thread: Smart card login - untrusted certificate authority error

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    Smart card login - untrusted certificate authority error

    My environment:
    Windows 2008 R2 Domain
    Windows 7 client

    I have added CA root certificate to local computer store on controllers as well as the client. I have also added root CA and all intermediate CAs to NTAuth store. I don't have any issue in viewing the certificate on both DCs and the client. However when i try to login using that card i get an error message saying "An untrusted certificate authority was detected while processing the smart card certificate used for authentication" I am quite sure the card is valid but i am not able to make out what might be causing this error to occur, any idea?

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    Re: Smart card login - untrusted certificate authority error

    I think that that the card is not certified I mean if the entry is not filled in the database then it will definitely give you the problems and will not log you in. So what I want you to do here is that just try and check whether the card is authorized one and then try login the same. I hope it works for you.

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    Re: Smart card login - untrusted certificate authority error

    I got this issue when I was working with third-party certification authorities. It was giving me certificate authority error. I was unable to find what was the cause of the same. I checked on web and found the smart logon process work with both Microsoft and third party certification authority. There is a entire process for that and for the same I found a helpful link which really worked for me. So I am going to post the same here also and you can try the steps. This might help you to get a proper solution to fix the issue. Try to use the configuration steps provided here.

    Guidelines for enabling smart card logon with third-party certification authorities

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    Re: Smart card login - untrusted certificate authority error

    Did your setup fulfills all the requirement of domain controller certificates. I will recommend you to check the below link and test out everything. So that you can find whether you have everything. The issue will not go if you had not properly setup the CA. There are some useful videos on web which can give you more detail on about proper configuration. About your error there is very less information error. I am trying to find the cause. But found nothing. So the only thing you can do is refer to useful Microsoft KB articles and try steps provided in them. Some of it might help.

    Requirements for domain controller certificates from a third-party CA

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