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Thread: Forgot boot up user name and password

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    Forgot boot up user name and password

    I am having a desktop computer which I dint used from past 6 months as I was outstation. Now when I returned back to home, I tried booting up but it got stuck at the boot up prompting me to enter the password before getting to logon screen. Now as it has six months I don’t remember what exactly it was.

    Is there any way I can recover this password, skip this password, or format my hard drive without this password? Somebody please help. My computer is just locked up.

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    As far as I know there is no way to get rid of it as it is the BIOS password if am not wrong. The only is to contact your desktop manufacturer and see if they can help you out. Or you can also try out Linux/Ubuntu Live CD and see of it is able to boot where you can format you hard drive.

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    Re: Forgot boot up user name and password

    If you have Windows Installation Disk, insert the same and see if you are able to boot from CD. If yes, I will suggest you to do a clean format of the system because there is no way of removing or skipping this password unless and until you can enter the BIOS.

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    Re: Forgot boot up user name and password

    I’m yet unable to understand which password exactly you are talking about. Is it the Setup (BIOS) password, the HDD password, or Power-On password? If it is HDD password that is required to protect the system and its data from unauthorized access. If you are talking about this password then let me tell you that there is no way you can skip or override this security.

    The only thing I can suggest you is contact the manufacturer or their service centers, They will charge you few dollars but will remove that password.

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    Re: Forgot boot up user name and password

    Why not ask for the administrator?

    Besides, if you wanna to erase the disk? If you do, you just reinstall the system and re-format all the disk, then all your files will go up in smoke.

    But as far as I know, many people forgot their admin password and they wanna to recover it without deleting anything. If you have run into the same problem, I suggest you to free download a reliable third past utility for resetting windows password, such as windows password unlocker, which can rcreate reset CD and reset windows admin password without erasing anything, so that your re-log on to your computer .

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