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Thread: How to Block UltraSurf?

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    How to Block UltraSurf?

    I have installed UltraSurf in my system running windows xp, it is an application that starts a "proxy" and bypass proxies opening TCP/443 connections with proxies around the world. UltraSurf listens on port TCP:9666 on127.0.0.1 and my problem is that windows xp Firewall is not capable of blocking the software. I have it installed in my office vista machine and native firewall in Vista blocks the software without any issues. I wan to know if it is possible to block it using any client client-solution so that it doesn't bypass my proxy. There are several IPs of open proxies which are being used by UltraSurf, is there anything i can do about it or i will have to simply uninstall it??

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    RE: How to Block UltraSurf?

    I will like to inform you that inbuilt firewall is capable of blocking inbound connections only, it cannot block local host. In order to block it you will have to use full-featured firewall like ZoneAlarm, Kerio, etc. Other than that you can also map that port outbound to some dummy IP address at your internet router, i think doing that will be a better idea rather than using a third party firewall.

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