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Thread: Adding group/user to local Admins group on all workstations?

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    Adding group/user to local Admins group on all workstations?

    I need some help to add some users to the admin group. I can do that on a single system, but I have to do this on a network of multiple servers. It will be a waste of time when I start doing the same manually on each and every system. I am sure that there is some kind of script which can do this. I want to know that can I do that using Group Policy.

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    It is possible to restrict a users through GPO. But not possible to transfer the users into admin through that. If you remove the restrictions I think they might get the admin access that you were asking. Also you must stay alert before making changes on the higher level. This settings might create adverse affect in your system. Moving users to different groups is not a big deal.

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    Adding a local user station to itĀ“s Admins group on a workstations?


    on the helpdes OU we have the following GPO

    restricted group > on "member of this group" / grup name = administrators (local group) we added the following group "it_support" where the it_support becomes the local administrator of the local station after log on

    but on this machine exists one local user called "helpdesk" who needs to log as administrator , how can I solve this? (how can I set up this user to log on this station with administratorĀ“s privileges?


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