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Thread: Users on my network can unlock any computer on the network

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    Users on my network can unlock any computer on the network

    I am facing a problem on my system. I have a server on my network. W are having around 6 other workstations on the same. The system has CAP regulation. The settings are configured in such a way that when the screensaver starts the system gets locked. Now anyone who passes by can unlock the computer. I do not want this. I want that the one who is logged in can only be allowed to unlock the system.

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    re: Users on my network can unlock any computer on the network

    This basically happen when you log off the system. As users have access to the network they will be authenticated by the server. This is a bit weird to find that any user can unlock the system. I think there is some mistake or misconfiguration done is the setup and I will advice you to do the same from scratch. It is better if you go with documentation which is provided on the official website.

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    re: Users on my network can unlock any computer on the network

    In my office it is a regular process that people leave the job. There access remains active. Now I am having a long series of account in which it is very complicated for me to activate and deactivate the account. I had discussed with my network admin with a process of blocking such unwanted accounts and making the system more proper to access. As there is common account policy he said to reformat the system so that all internal settings are wiped out.

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    re: Users on my network can unlock any computer on the network

    It is just a problem with misconfiguration due to which you are facing the issue. I hope you can read the documentation as mentioned above. This is a bug and yet you must ignore the same. Because if your system is unlocked with any password then your files also are exposed to the users. There can be problem with the domain also. You must reset the password and re-verify all the settings one more time. This would be more helpful I think.

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    You can use a third party application called Unlock Administrator. With this program you can set who can either unlock the computer, either keeping the current session running or logging off the current user and logging in the new user. The people unlocking do not need to be admins.

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    The best way to find information is to search on KB articles. They would give you more detailed information on what you are looking for. And id you are looking for a detailed information on CAP configuration then try the second link. It is better to read this resources so that you can locate what is being missed.

    How to Always Use the Log On Using Dial-Up Connection Option
    Using Multiple Client Access Points (CAP) in a Windows Server

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