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Thread: How to change regional settings (date format) from command line ?

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    How to change regional settings (date format) from command line ?

    What are the commands that can be used to change regional settings. We can do that through control panel. But there must be some way that we can use to configure the same through cmd also. I cannot find anything in the documentation. I am bit doubtful about the same, but I need the steps so that I can do my job quickly without turning on the system completely. I am sure this might be possible just by using the command line mode. Thanks.

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    I am not sure about the cmd, but you can do that through registry settings. Windows registry has value for regional settings. You can enable and disable that by modifying the value. It might some where at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International. It is the best way to make changes on the system. I will advice you to locate the registry information about doing this.

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    There might be some way, but it is a bit complicated to locate those commands. But there are some third party tools that can do this. I found a way by which you can do the changes. For that you will need to modify the xml files configuration. I had provided a link below that has a small information on the same.

    Configuring Regional and Language Options International Settings with command line automation

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