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Thread: The NTP server didn't respond Error on Windows 2000

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    The NTP server didn't respond Error on Windows 2000

    I am working on a test network. I am having a single domain controller with me. There is a time server. The setup is very old. No changes are made recently and all stuff looks to be working fine. The clock here failed to sync. All systems are working on their own time. There is a router which first sync with the server and there is a internet time server used. I tried PDC sync here, but that did not worked. I had found a KB article which showed proper modification of windows registry. But still that is not working. What are the options that are available.

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    As per the settings all workstations which are on a single domain try to look for the pdc emulator by default. Because it is the only time source they are having. This issue occurs due to recent modification int the time server settings. You can try working with a simple login script and then run that on your test machine. The command to sync time is net stop w32time, net time /setsntp:ipof server and net start w32time.

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    There are some helpful articles on web that will offer you proper solution to deal with this issue. I found a KB article that is going to give you much better option. Also I will suggest you to check the security applications which are not blocking the settings. Check the belo kb article which will offer you more detail on the settings.

    How to configure an authoritative time server in Windows Server

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    The above link also has a Fix. I am not so expert is server, but I think that fix is not working well. I am having only 2 workstations which are facing issue with time sync. The DC authentication is not working well. I found a link of Windows 2000, and I am sure this is going to help in better way.

    How to configure an authoritative time server in Windows 2000

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