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Thread: No page display while typing on the web browser

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    No page display while typing on the web browser

    I am getting a error on Internet Explorer when I try to open my default router page by typing its IP address. It is I had used this before to configure the router. The guy who has setup the router has told me to use this and he has also provided me the login and password. First I am not using any firewall or security software that can simply block the router page. Second it is a router with wifi support. The network connection drops in between due to which I want to reset it. But due to this issue I am not able to login.

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    Try to ping the router IP. If you a get response the the router is active. But if you do not get any response then you have to check the router connections. It happened to me before. The router was active but I was not able to access the admin page through web browser. I replaced the ethernet cable and it worked. Also there is a reset button in the backside. You can hit that to wipe out all the old settings and reconfigure it back again.

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    Same Problem (After 4 yrs)

    I am facing a similar issue with I am having a single home router. I am using this for years. I never entire the configuration page as it is working fine. I have to reset it now as I am shifting my place. When I try to login I am getting a error that page not found. I checked the ping and there is no response while the router still works fine.

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    re: No page display while typing on the web browser

    The IP address that you had mentioned is a kind of private class ip. And it must work. Because this are pre-configured and you do not need to use any other default ip. Add http:// at the front side. I am sure there is a issue with the cable as mentioned above. If you receive the ping then the router is active or else the connection is dead.

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