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Thread: How do I uninstall Active directory in Windows 2003 if server will not boot in normal mode?

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    How do I uninstall Active directory in Windows 2003 if server will not boot in normal mode?

    I need some help to remove AD in Windows 2003 server. I am using Exchange Server 2003 also. It is running on the second DC which is my Windows 2003 Server. The first is working quiet fine. But there is some issue with exchange server. It is not working. I am getting a error that directory services cannot start. The error code is Oxc00002E1. The system does not stays intact in normal mode. After the error I prompts a message box on the screen. After clicking on OK it shutdown.

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    The best way to recover exchange server is to get the mails boxes transferred on new working one. If that is done then only you can get access to the internal data. I am going to provide you some helpful link that has many options through which you can recover exchange server.

    Recover an Exchange Server

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    The poster has several replies (one of which is mine) to this identical message in the group. Or try umove from utools. I don't believe that's officially supported by MS. When iam trying to uninstall my active directory iam getting "The server is unwilling to process the request"error

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