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Thread: zoostorm netbook rebooting errors

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    zoostorm netbook rebooting errors

    I have a zoostorm netbook. I have had this problem for year and a half.

    I took it to the repair shop and it lasted 2 weeks before it reverted.He said he would give me my money back but then fixed it when I went back.But 2 weeks later the problem has returned. They said it might need a hard drive part.

    It has always taken a long time for windows to start.

    White writing comes up and it says

    Reboot select proper device
    Insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key

    Media test failure check cable

    I am only able to get back on the internet as Ive put the ethernet cable in

    thanks for assistance

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    Re: zoostorm netbook rebooting errors

    Can you go into your bios and choose the option "Reset to default configuration" option? Try toggling that and rebooting. If that doesn't work, then it's probably a loose cable. (Check both the power and data cable). Check all of your cable connections and push them in firmly. How old is the machine and what operating system have you installed on it?

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    Re: zoostorm netbook rebooting errors

    Its 3 years old and windows xp.will try the reboot .thanks

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    Re: zoostorm netbook rebooting errors

    Ive entered bios using del key but I cant see anything that says reset to default. There is a load optimal faults and load failsafe faults.

    Could you tell what to do please. I did change the clock a couple of days ago in the bios as it didnt keep time and the time is ok now. I wonder if this change has affected the pc

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