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Thread: windows xp/2000 boot.ini help

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    windows xp/2000 boot.ini help

    i have a computer that was dual booting win 2000 and xp. 2000 wouldnt boot any longer (xp did). I repaired 2000 install then it worked but xp no longer worked. I repaired xp now 2000 wont boot and xp does again. When I boot xp it shows the drive letter as F:\ C is not available. I need to know what files should be in the root of which drive the c: or the f: and what should the boot.ini look like. Thanks

    Ps before win 2000 was crashed xp was the default

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    Re: windows xp/2000 boot.ini help

    Well, if you are dual booting a Windows operating system then you need to know that you have to install both operating system in different drives of the hard drive and not the same drive. You want to run "fixboot" first, then exiting the Recovery Console and seeing if that fixes your issue. If not, retrace your steps back to the Recovery Console and run "fixmbr." You shouldn't have to run "fixmbr," but there is always a possibility.

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