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Thread: Unable to connect client machine with Windows server 2003

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    Unable to connect client machine with Windows server 2003


    I created an Active Directory in Windows server 2003 and trying to connect the client machine using LAN. I setup the static ip id as in windows 2003, when i trying to ping from the client its giving an error

    Please help me on this.


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    Re: Unable to connect client machine with Windows server 2003

    You can try to the below fix to solve the issue:

    1. First of all try to grab newsid from to
    generate a new sid for the machines

    2. After that add each computer back onto the domain.

    If a computer is able to communicate to the domain server after a certain number of days (lets assume 30 days) then the computer account will laspe, this means it won't be able to access the domain. So adding the computer back onto the domain with reset the computer account.

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