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Thread: resize partition in windows server 2000

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    resize partition in windows server 2000

    How resize the partition in Windows 2000 server properly. I do not want to mess with existing setup. I want to do the same using Partition Wizard Server Edition. I am new to this and never used this. But as it was recommended to me, I thought it is better to ask before going for any kind of modification. Or else there would be some kind of serious bug with the system. Thanks.

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    Re: resize partition in windows server 2000

    You may discover that there is enough free space resting on a given partition. For example, you wish for to enlarge the C: drive, which typically is the Windows system drive. EASEUS Partition Manager Personal allows you free enlarge or decrease a partition within Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server (simply Server Edition) not including destroying data easily. I hope this will clear your doubt. If you want any more ideas then post back here. Thank you.

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