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Thread: How to fix automatic updates disabled "error 1058"

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    How to fix automatic updates disabled "error 1058"

    I am constantly getting a warning on my system related to automatic updates. I had did nothing, but settings are configured automatically. I checked in Windows Security Center and found that automatic updates are on. But when I run the update I am getting a error that cannot start automatic updates on local computer. I am trying to run the same through services.msc. This is a bit irritating. The error number is 1058. How can I work on this error and get it fixed. Thanks.

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    This looks like a issue of services in your system. The updates are not working as the service is disabled. I will recommend you to check on the official website, and locate information related to fixing updates problem. Try to run the updates through Control Panel > Automatic Updates > Check for updates. If that is also not working then it will better if you run a repair setup of windows. Also check that you are running the same in admin account. Sometime low permission is result of this error. Thanks.

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    I had faced this issue on my old laptop. Updates were on, but still when I tried to check for new stuff, I am getting that exact error on my screen. I checked the system and found that there is some spyware problem. I installed a tool that generates log file of all working applications and noticed a series of programs which were suspicious. But my antivirus is not detecting them. I scanned the system again in safe mode with new antivirus and found a series of infected files. There is no solution for that. The last option is to format the system and re-install Windows from scratch.

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    re: How to fix automatic updates disabled "error 1058"

    Try Malwarebytes AntiMalware. This is one of the best antimalware software I had seen. It works with any existing antivirus in your system. That means you do not need to remove the older one. Scan your system in safe mode and then check back again.

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    I am using AVAST. But still I am not able to perform updates. It looks a bit complicated for me to work on the same. I am really very frustrated with the problem. But I found a Fix on Microsoft website that worked. It looks there are some internal system files which were facing the issue. I am providing the link below that has the fix. Download and run it. There are some other more links which are capable of offering you a much better support.

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    This is a clean virus problem. It is better you get a good antivirus software and then scan your system for this kind of issues. Or else it would be complicated for you to deal with the issue. There are number of different antivirus that you can download and install. If your existing is not working then do not rely on it. Windows Updates is very important. It keeps your system upto date and allows you to get maximum stability.

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