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Thread: error message "The network location cannot be reached"

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    error message "The network location cannot be reached"

    I have mapped a network drive in My Computer. It is listed as Z drive. I use it for backup purpose only. At the end of the day I can copy all my files in that. Now today when I try to open the drive I am getting error that the network location cannot be reached. There are 2 more systems in the network which are giving exactly the same error. I tried to re-map the drive one more time. But same error. I have a IBM laptop with Windows 2000 on the same. Is there a way to fix the issue. Thanks.

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    Re: error message "The network location cannot be reached"

    Just check that the drive is not moved or there is not changes done in permission access. Because of that you are getting error. If there is issue with file permission or drive configuration then the error is quiet common. You must check in the network first. Go to the server and check the folder. If you do not have access then talk to your network admin. If you have permission to access the folder, then only you will be able to map it in your system.

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