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Thread: Mega Man 9 Confirmed for WiiWare

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    Mega Man 9 Confirmed for WiiWare

    Our ears perked up last week when we saw Capcom had filed the title Mega Man 9 with Australia's Classification Review Board (down under's version of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board). It's been over ten years since we were blessed with a proper new Mega Man game. Now it looks like the next entry in the series is set for Nintendo's WiiWare service.

    The art is going to be 8-bit, which is a tad bit disappointing, but I've been missing on the good 2D scrolling action for a while now. For those of you guys who want some good somewhat-recent Megaman scroll-action, check out Megaman Network Transmission for the GC. Even though it's based on the EXE series, this feels real true to me.

    Like the graphics, the story takes a decidedly simplistic yet classic approach. Robots are causing havoc, and Dr. Wily blames Dr. Light for the wreckage. Mega Man sets out to clear his creator's name while blowing up many, many things. And speaking of bosses, the article also gives us a look at the new roster: Magma Man, Galaxy Man, Jewel Man, Concrete Man, Hornet Man, Plug Man, Tornado Man, and Splash Woman. Yes, that says "woman"; after all, it's 2008 and the series needed more fodder for robot-on-robot fanfic.

    Robot Masters

    • Magma Man
    • Galaxy Man
    • Jewel Man
    • Concrete Man
    • Hornet Man
    • Plug Man
    • Tornado Man
    • Splash Woman
    • - Dr. Wily returns
    • - Story: Dr. Wily blames Dr. Light for robot master attacks
    • - various level hazards: lava, gravity-defying magnetic platforms, Mega Man clones
    • - attacks gained from Robot Masters: Galaxy Man’s Black Hole Bombs
    • - development handled by Inti Creates (Mega Man Zero, ZX, Battle Chip Challenge)
    • - controls: Wiimote NES style, just as you would expect it to be
    • - Rush returns
    • - 8-bit style was chosen to ‘please fans’
    • - 8-bit music
    • - 8-bit cut-scenes
    • - difficultly on-par with NES games
    • - return of classic enemies, as well as new ones
    • - Will Protoman be playable? “you’ll have to wait and see.”
    • - hopes in surpassing the quality of Mega Man 2

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    Capcom's retro platformer sequel will be available for download on Wii Ware in Japan on September 24 - in a little under two weeks time.

    That's according to Japanese mag Dengeki Online, which says that the awesome-looking NES-style follow-up will cost 1000 Wii Points to buy (about seven quid.)

    There's no word on when the game will appear on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN at this point, but we can only assume that they'll appear there around the same time - especially as the 24th is a Wednesday, Xbox Live users.

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