At Samsung, it was communicated on the new updates coming of Android Lollipop. A recent model and an older model is concerned so far.

Unveiled in October 2014, the Android Lollipop update brought lots of new features and improvements, but unfortunately its few teething bugs. It has been delayed in Google partners. But now that the problems appear to be resolved.

Samsung has announced the update of multiple devices, for the smartphone Galaxy Neo 3 but also smartphones of Galaxy S5 Active/Galaxy Mini S5 and touch tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. And the South Korean group keeps the pace to continue the migration of its devices to Android Lollipop. This is catch up.

Android 5.0 Lollipop

The Danish and Finnish branches of Samsung indeed teach us that an update of Android Lollipop is scheduled for Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 2 as well. Nothing surprising for the first, since it was unveiled less than one year ago. The surprise comes instead of the second, first launched in nearly three years. Not to mention that it was not on the eligibility list submitted by the manufacturer. So, it is a good news for the owners of these smartphones. We must be content with against a later year. In short, be patient and check from time to time for the availability in the device settings.

Recall that the updated Android 5.0 comes with new features like the new control panel, priority ringtones or guest mode. It also promises better battery life. Not to mention the official media platforms of 64-bit.