Activision recently reported total sales of the Call of Duty franchise, the FPS game extremely productive for many years. The sales figures are obviously very high, even if the remaining components are more strongly criticized.

Initiated in 2003 on PC and Mac, the first Call of Duty game borrowed the same path as Medal of Honor, an iconic series of the time in the field of FPS. The series of Activision has been a real boost in popularity with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the first episode focusing on modern warfare and propelling the multiplayer front line.

Following this success, the following episodes have gone like hot cakes and despite critical acclaim is less present in the last album to date, the license continues to be distributed optimally.

Call of Duty Infographics

As part of the Call of Duty Championship held this weekend in Los Angeles, publisher Activision said that more than 175 million games in the Call of Duty series have been sold worldwide since its beginning for more than ten years. This is about one game sold every two seconds.

The US company also said that as many as 100 billion multiplayer games were played and 579 billions of awards were released by the players.

In comparison, the GTA series (Grand Theft Auto) has more than 185 million games sold since the beginning of the license. Other franchises that can claim to have exceeded 100 million passed games are: Mario, Pokémon, Need For Speed, FIFA, Final Fantasy and LEGO.