Unlimited storage no longer requires the perseverance of Membership from Amazon. Two new plans to Cloud Drive offer to move to the unlimited storage.

The mad race for storage continues. Google, Microsoft and Dropbox already have hit hard and it is now the turn of Amazon to respond by proposing unlimited storage for Cloud Drive .

This limit is not entirely new for Amazon but it was far exclusivity reserved for Premium members with Prime Photos for storing their photos. Now, Amazon introduced two new plans with unlimited storage for everyone.

For $11.99 a year, unlimited storage of Photos proposes unlimited photos and 5GB for video and other files and documents. Unlimited Everything Plan is offered at $59.99 per year for unlimited storage stirring all types of files (not playing streaming music).

Amazon Cloud Storage

At the launch, these two plans for Cloud Drive get a free three-month trial. Caution, however, at the end of the free trial, the package is automatically renewed. If necessary, you need to request its cancellation in the management of storage space.

Currently, adherence to the new Cloud Drive plans for the unlimited is simpler from the United States. However, we had accessed to dedicated pages and general deployment should therefore not delay.

Dropbox bills at $9.99 per month for 1TB (2 GB of free storage space). Same price for Google but the free offer is 15 GB. For Microsoft, this is a free storage space of 15GB and there are also plans for unlimited OneDrive storage for subscribers of Office 365.