The Amazon Group announces the arrival of its Amazon Fire TV HDMI Stick in UK and extends the functionality of its digital box of Fire TV.

Unveiled in late October 2014, the HDMI Fire TV Stick of Amazon group wants to invite to the open segment by competiting Google Chromecast and distribute multimedia content to a TV or access to VOD services when connected to a WiFi network.

First launched in the US, the Fire TV Stick will be offered in some European markets for a price of €39/£35.

The first countries are Germany and the UK, with pre-orders open today but a delivery is set from April 15, 2015.

Amazon still puts its characteristics compared to the prior Chromecast (proposed at 35€), with a larger storage capacity (8GB instead of 4GB) and a configuration with 1GB of RAM (512 MB for against Chromecast).

Amazon Fire TV Stick

In addition, the Fire TV Stick offers a remote control while Chromecast is controlled from an Android mobile device.

Moreover, the US group announced an update for its digital OTA housing of Fire TV that brings more features like support for a USB storage device.

Especially, Amazon made ​​sure to allow the Fire TV box and the key Fire TV Stick to go through a secure WiFi hotel (through an authentication Web page) to connect to the Fire TV portal and access its contents.