The Cyanogen society that dreams of creating an alternative to Android in which Google could impose its services, finally lifted $110 million to fuel its growth, but without the participation of Microsoft.

To continue its project of a mobile platform derived from Android but who emancipate guidelines of Google mobile services, the company Cyanogen discussed for several months with investors for a new fund raising.

During this phase of negotiations, it whispered that the Microsoft group, publisher of Windows Phone/Windows 10 and manufacturer of Lumia smartphones, regularly could be part of the new financial support in an effort to weaken Android and Google facilitating promotion as an alternatives.

Cyanogen Logo

Cyanogen have finalized its fundraising that would cover $110 million, but according to Bloomberg, the Redmond Group finally would not be part of investors, while remaining potentially interested in a partnership to bring such applications of Office on future platform.

With this new funding, the company would reach a valuation of $500 million and will be able to continue its efforts to create an alternative platform that may be of interest to device manufacturers, especially among the young actors eager to differentiate.