The second non-Google app to cross the billion facility on Google Play is WhatsApp.

Midweek, the founder and CEO of WhatsApp reported that the messaging application is passed to the upper edge in the number of facilities mentioned on Google Play. On Android, WhatsApp displays over billion downloads.

Referring to the figures from AppBrain, the billion mark was reached on March 4 to WhatsApp. Still, this does not mean that there are one billion active users of WhatsApp on Android. The calculation is based on downloads per account (not per unit) but uninstallations are not considered.

WhatsApp Logo

It also seems amazing to have a billion active users of WhatsApp on Android while Jan Koum announced early in the year that WhatsApp had 700 million active users for all mobile platforms. Recall that recently a Web client of WhatsApp also exists.

However, this is a big figure for WhatsApp which is the second non-Google application (Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube) spent a billion on Google Play. The first was Facebook.