Jeremy Masker, director of game operations within the studio behind Star Citizen, said recently that the game client could weight more than 100 GB. The updates, in turn, would also be very demanding in terms of weight. Explanations.

Rather greedy in terms of performance, Star Citizen also requires some storage space to be installed. If the beta version currently deployed to players for free for a few days weighs 21 GB, things will be very different in the final version of this spatial simulation.

Jeremy Masker, director of game operations at Cloud Imperium Games, said on the official forums of Roberts Space Industries that Star Citizen will likely weigh around 100GB in its final version to be released in 2016.

Star Citizen Game

This is partly due to the high quality textures that will be deployed, as well as significant numbers of game elements. Masker stressed that the title will be "much more compressed and optimized" as it is today.

He also said that future patches of the game will be rich in content, some weighing as much as 200MB. This will lead to updates from February to June for patches and between 14GB and 20GB for other which will need to re-download and replace more large files of the game.

Also, it is clear that it will be necessary to have a good internet connection to enjoy the title of Roberts Space Industries, as well as enough storage space. Small SSD will quickly be saturated with this game only if the volumes are finally advanced workforce for next year.