The manufacturer Western Digital formalizes a new hard drive model with which we can consider a capacity of 6TB.

The new hard drive is available in two versions. There will be first a version that will target Re-type that uses networked data storage and monitoring which will focus on performance. It will be marketed in capacities from 250GB to 6TB.

Then comes a Re+ version that will address more data centers and insist on its side on controlling energy consumption. Two capabilities 5TB and 6TB will be offered.

Both share a 3.5-inch SATA 3 support (for flow rates up to 225 MB/s, depending on the references) and an endurance announced to 550TB per year and an MTBF of 1,2 million hours.

WD RE+ hard drives

The availability of hard drives WD Re and WD Re+ is scheduled for the second quarter of 2015 with a manufacturer's warranty of five years. Prices have not been disclosed by the manufacturer.

Always at Western Digital, specifically on the side of its subsidiary HGST, there are the first models of 10TB Helium beginning to be delivered. It must be that, in the face of SSD capacity going up and now aimimg to 8TB.