Google recently released updates for its iOS Gmail applications, Documents, Spreadsheets and Slides.

Gmail for iOS finally passes the time to iOS 8.0, six months after the publication of the latter. Google released a new version 4.0 of the application. Contrary to the numbering suggested, this is not a complete overhaul, but it is still a major development that facilitates the use of the service as the primary email client for every day usage.

It actually reminds that Apple does not replace its default applications, but the new iOS 8.0 has just filled part of the gap. We want to talk about the sharing panel, Gmail finally operates. It allows to start sending a file attached from a third party application, as you would with the client "Mail" from Apple. Conversely, with the Gmail application, you can open attachments with all kinds of compatible third-party applications.

Gmail 4.0 for iOS

In addition, the application supports interactive notifications. With a gesture toward the left in the home screen or gesture down the notification panel elsewhere, users now have access to features and Reply Archiver whose titles are equivocal.

There is only a function reserved to the client native form: it is the only one able to launch automatically when you type in an email address on a web page or other applications.

Gmail 4.0 for iOS is available now from the App Store here.