The title is out there about a month on PC and next generation consoles, but this week the ultimate version of Dying Light arrives for the wealthy.

Techland has not finished to promote Dying Light yet, a FPS game in which players immerse themselves in a contaminated world by a strange disease gradually transforming humans into zombies.

At the side of special editions, the publisher thinks big, very big with a single edition billed approximately to 340000 euros!

To celebrate the release of the box version of the game in the UK, Dying Light is thus available in a version of "My Apocalypse" proposed at £250,000 which is available now.

Dying Light 'My Apocalypse' Edition

This is a super collector version limited to a single copy with several atypical bonus. Thus we find there the honor of seeing its face embedded in the game, training in survival-type Parkour move, 4 Steelbook versions of the game, a life-size statue of a "Volatile", one of the formidable enemies in the title, 2 Razer Tiamat headsets, living in Technland to meet with developers, night vision goggles accompanied by adult diapers to prevent accidents during night party.

But the most impressive in the pack will probably be the creation of a genuine anti-zombie shelter in partnership with Tiger Log Cabins, a specialist in unusual construction.

The construction will be delivered with a Xbox One, televisions, hatches, food, a system of autonomous power generation, etc. In short, a complete system to survive the Apocalypse can be found.