For OneDrive, Microsoft provides 100GB of free storage for two years.

Microsoft offers to those who wish to increase their 100GB storage space on OneDrive. A free bonus of 100GB but valid for two years.

This gift was first booked it a few days ago to US users in the Bing Rewards. It is available in the United States. But mystery, Microsoft now offers the bonus to all users worldwide.

To proceed, just click on this link to endorse some permissions. It is likely that it will suffer in return for advertising emails.


It is not clear until when the proposal is valid. One may think that the extension of the bonus out of the US is related to the first anniversary of OneDrive. On 19 February 2014, SkyDrive faded to make way for OneDrive.

Update: This bonus seems more operational outside the US borders that asks for more joining of Bing Rewards. Was it a corrected blunder from Microsoft?