Following the finding from users, the GeForce GTX 970 may be recoverable by select retailers.

The owners of the GeForce GTX 970 have found an unexpected partitioning of video memory onboard. Instead of proposing a single block of 4GB as suggested by the features, the graphics card actually embeds a partition of 3.5GB continuously available and a partition of 0.5GB when the situation requires it, but mainly composed of slower GDDR5.

The architecture in question appears to be a serious performance issues, with a strong performance drop when the second pick is less reactive in partition. Suffice to say that the last weeks have been particularly eventful for Nvidia that has faced lightning owners who spotted the thing or having heard in the specialized press.

GeForce GTX 970

Thus refunds have been requested. However, some analysts like Jon Peddie estimates that the proportion will remain marginal. Only the most demanding players should have recourse to a refund. The alternative is to actually offered by some large retailers, which leave them until the end of the month to decide. In short, nothing prevents you to try returning it if you feel wronged.