Download platform Steam is selling off many of the games from the publisher Square Enix this weekend, offering some good deals such as Tomb Raider: GOTY Edition -80% of its original price on PC.

Famous for its many games on offer and many promotions, download platform Steam yesterday launched an operation to give discounts on many games of the Japanese Square Enix editor.

Also, until February 9, 2015, it is possible to enjoy some good deals with discounts up to 80%.

Tomb Raider

In particular it is possible to recover Tomb Raider: GOTY Edition at 5.99 euros (instead of 29.99 euros), Thief to 7.49 euros, Just Cause 2 to 2.99 euros, all Hitman games at 7.99 euros, or Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition at 7.49 euros.

All games and additional content affected by the operation are listed on this page on Steam.