Vivo X5 Max smartphone will soon be on its way. It will be the thinnest model of the world. But what is the one who will replace it?

Unveiled in October 2014, the smartphone Oppo R5 resembled a real technological feat by becoming the first model to be placed under the symbolic threshold of 5 mm thickness. But it was not counting on the Vivo X5 Max who, two months later, in December 2014, came to steal the title of the thinnest smartphone in the world with a thickness of 4.75 millimeters.

And the race to the fineness is clearly not complete. A third Chinese automaker, Coolpad, decideded to draw attention to it. Currently in eighth position in the local market, with 4% of sales, it has indeed present a 4.7-inch smartphone with a thickness of 4.7mm across its IVVI branch.

Vivo X5 Max Thinnest Smartphone

One now comes to wonder how far they expect manufacturers to go to scrape a few tens of millimeters, and even hundredths of a millimeter in this case. For extremely fine, some sacrifices necessarily implies on aspects such as autonomy, due to a necessarily less big battery, and performance, due to the confinement which could cause overheating and a modest battery to spare.

Suffice to say, we will wait to see the data sheet for this smartphone and have the first returns on it.