War of the systems will soon move beyond smartphones to hit the market for televisions, and in this respect, Philips has already made its choice: all TVs will soon be equipped with Android Lollipop.

It was at the CES that TP Vision (Philips) introduced its second generation of televisions operating under Android. Already last year, the brand had the choice of the Google OS to equip its TVs and offer complete multimedia environments.

This time, the group announced that its next generation TVs will come with Android Lollipop, which seamlessly integrates TV features to offer a range of services tailored to the remote manipulation while opening access to the Google Play Store and its catalog for dedicated applications.

Philips TV

For Philips, Android will be as a selling point with consumers, who will be reassured to find an OS they use or already know.

The choice of Philips is surprising, since the trend among other brands invested in the TV market is different. Thus, LG stands for preferring Android WebOS, Samsung will soon offer a TV on Tizen, for Panasonic, the brand has just announced a screen in Firefox OS.

It still remains that Android offers a great advantage: the consistent application catalog is already well supplied, unlike other platforms.