Samsung announced recently that its division in charge of electronic components had begun mass production of a new generation of memory: the 8-Gigabit LPDDR4 Mobile DRAM with 20 nanometers. What looks like to be an "opening of the door to the era of 4GB of RAM Mobile".

This so-called LPDDR memory (low power double data rate), the most used in mobile devices, is poised to enable a new technological leap for our smartphones. Samsung, one of the world's largest producers of RAM, said this: "With starting production of RAM LPDDR4 8 gigabit with 20 nm, which is even faster than DRAM PCs and servers and consumes much less energy, we are contributing to welcome the launch of mobile devices to big screen of UHD".

This new RAM offers twice the density and performance compared to the LPDDR3 4 gigabit. Samsung mentions flows in/out of 3200 Mbps capable of ensuring the recording, playback of UHD video or the pictures burst of over 20 megapixels. The voltage needed to power the memory module was reduced to 1.1 V with respect to LPDDR3: 2GB chip made with this new memory consumes 40% less energy than the same chip made of LPDDR3.

Samsung Chips

But above all, Samsung will decline this 4GB memory modules, that can be found in smartphones and high-end tablets, very quickly in 2015 promises the manufacturer.