The manufacturer Seagate has just releases its first hard drive models with a capacity of 8TB, now it already announces the arrival of the first models displaying 10TB in 2015.

Seagate, recognized manufacturer for many years for its specialization in digital storage, has just announced to further push the boundaries a little more of the storage density to provide a disk displaying of 10TB in the course of the year.

So far, it's PMR (Perpendicular Magnetic Recording) which is widely used in the storage drives. A technology that involves a theoretical limit, since the tracks trays can be finer than the heads. It becomes impossible to present further miniaturization of read heads, at least not without causing reliability problems, especially as the nearby slopes significantly increases the errors of reading or writing.

Seagate hard drive

That's why Seagate continues to develop the SMR technology (Shungled Magnetic Recording) which involves reading heads miniaturized on tracks that overlap. This technique provides a capacity increase of 25%, and Seagate will be able to offer discs with 10 TB of 6 trays by next year, and even evokes drives of 20 TB within 5 years.

Unfortunately, this type of storage will be mainly dedicated to data archiving, since the SMR technology involves decreasing transfer rate. Seagate is also currently working on the technology HAMR (Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording) which is expected to fill the SMR transfer limits by adding a laser read head.