Recently released on PC and consoles, Lords of the Fallen will benefit indeed with a sequel, but a version dedicated to our smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android.

Available for several days on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Lords of the Fallen is a role playing game borrowing some gameplay elements to the series Demon's Souls/Dark Souls from the Japanese studio FromSoftware.

However, the title developed by studios Deck13 Interactive Games and CI has not had a good finish and due form, especially in its PC version. Nevertheless, many good ideas are present.

We learn through the British site Eurogamer that Lords of the Fallen 2 is currently in development. It's Tomasz Gop, producer of the game, which made ​​the announcement via e-mail after making an announcement about it on Facebook.

Lords of the Fallen

In parallel, the Twitter account confirmed that the RPG game will take place on iOS and Android in 2015, without specifying whether it will be an adaptation of the existing title, or a spin-off. We will therefore have to patiently wait for additional information about it.