If for the user side, the time is right to complete the list of Christmas gifts; the manufacturers are already preparing the return of new products in the CES in Las Vegas. Samsung should thus be on the lounge with computers, smartphones, but also a new range of TVs.

Last January, the CES was an opportunity for Samsung to make TVs with OLED technology and first curved screens.

For the upcoming CES, Samsung should focus more on another aspect of TVs: their appearance and multifunction connected, through the integration of a processor and a still unknown environment to the public, Tizen.

The South Korean manufacturer should present its first TV with Tizen OS onboard which still has a lot of trouble being offered to the public on smartphone. The screen that will be presented will focus heavily on the Tizen environment to propose a set of connected features, Kim Hyun-Seok has already announced that it will be offered to the general public in the course of 2015.

Samsung Smart TVs

We can therefore expect to see a stable OS, already offering some partnerships for applications and why not a rich market associated with a specific content services (music, video, radio).

The question is whether this incursion of Tizen in the television industry will sign the real kickoff of a broader democratization of open source OS which we hear regularly or not, let us wait.