In addition to evolve its Exynos platform, Samsung could operate its own GPU in mid-2015 and also in the future phablet Galaxy Note 5?

Samsung Group has a lot of activities, making smartphones with some of their internal components. In addition to memory modules and displays, the Korean group has developed its own Exynos processors including the latest developments of Exynos 7, now supports 64-bit.

But if the cores of the platform is designed by Samsung, the graphics part has an external origin. In the case of the Galaxy Note 4, there is a GPU ARM Mali which is installed and requires the group to take a license from ARM society.

The other version of the Galaxy Note 4 includes a Snapdragon 805 platform provided by Qualcomm, and whose graphics Adreno GPU is also suggested by the US company, according to its creed of integrated platform.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Wishing to withdraw from these costly licensing agreements, and encouraged in this direction by the Korean government, the group will likely seek to develop its own mobile GPUs, whose role is crucial to recent smartphones because of the many features and ergonomics that results.

Word on the preparation of a mobile GPU from Samsung has already been mentioned several times, but it is complemented by the website ZDNet Korea which states that the Korean giant has finalized its solution by mid-2015.