The partnership between Canonical and Meizu to design the first Ubuntu smartphone has not yet borne fruit but a new launch window is scheduled for early 2015.

Having observed by the public, the Ubuntu smartphone with the test lacked funding from crowdfunding the smartphone Ubuntu Edge, Canonical editor promised to continue its efforts to find partners to achieve such a product.

At the MWC 2014 in Barcelona, ​​it announced alliances with Chinese Meizu and brand Bq to build the first smartphones operator mobile version of Ubuntu, while warning that the visibility of the platform will probably happen not before 2015 at best.

Meizu MX3

Since then, the Meizu listings were regularly scrutinized in search of a formalization, without success. However, the project is still in progress: Canonical and Meizu have signed a new partnership today in which they undertake to develop and promote a new version of the Flyme OS whose overlay is based on Ubuntu Touch.

The first Ubuntu smartphones signed Meizu should arrive in the first quarter of 2015 in China and Europe, and it is rumored that one of them would be a variation of the standard smartphone Meizu MX4 from the Chinese manufacturer.

At the MWC 2014, it is on Meizu MX3 that the two companies had demonstrations of Ubuntu Touch.