After becoming one of the most popular Web browsers, even comparing to Internet Explorer by fast for an antique just months after its release, Firefox celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The Mozilla Foundation has just celebrated the 10 years of its popular web browser Firefox, the first stable release out November 9, 2004. Presented as a simple alternative to Internet Explorer, it has now become a real tool with bristling functionality.

Last month, it was Netscape which celebrated its 20th anniversary, today it is the turn of Firefox, a browser whose popularity grew because of the result of a bad strategy on the side of Microsoft. Even though the public is fitted to computer equipment and the Internet moved into more and more homes, Microsoft has a virtual monopoly on the market, with Internet Explorer installed by default on all Windows machines, but has not seen fit to change their browser.

Soon, Internet Explorer no longer meets the evolving needs of users. Too heavy, indolent, IE sees a competitor which was taken up by the giant US computer: Firefox.

Firefox Browser Logo

Taking the abandoned bases of Netscape, Firefox 1.0 was released on 9 November 2004, when it initiated a revolution in consciousness and the birth of a true community of developers, fans of the Internet and the opportunities that this new entrant leaves to appear.

After a few hesitant start, the message was: Firefox is more modern than IE, faster and offers more features and customization, which was enough to shake Microsoft, which includes the updated Internet Explorer in 2006 that IE7 offers and it was too late.

Currently in the top 3 position of the most used web browser worldwide, Firefox has stood out from the competition by offering a real market for plug-ins and third-party applications developed by the community for the users.

But all is not rosy for Firefox, the browser should now turn to deal with the rise of other competitor: Chrome, Google's browser benefiting from the power of one of the firms which is most influential on the Internet.