After Galaxy S5 taking direct result of Galaxy S4 staying on a plastic shell and a Full HD display, Samsung Galaxy prepares an S6 whose code name is Project Zero.

The Galaxy S series plays a central role in the strategy of Samsung Group, which has enabled it to become the world market leader in mobile telephony in general and smartphones in particular. Galaxy S smartphones provide high visibility of the Korean group in the first half of the year, while the second half of the year is covered by the family of Galaxy Note.

Early 2015, a smartphone Galaxy S5 which was unveiled, always with the hope to sell tens of millions of units. To quickly launch, Samsung had to skip some elements such as a metal shell, found later in the Galaxy Alpha, or QHD display on the proposed phablet Galaxy Note 4 six months later.

With the Galaxy S5, the group arrived at the end of a logic in its design and functionality, which is what many observers noted, which probably calls for a renewal, as evidenced by the expectations around a hull metal with the side comparison of HTC One and HTC One M8 models.

Samsung Smartphone

The first rumors about a possible Galaxy S6 logically go in this direction by evoking the presence of a metal shell, a qHD display and a processor of Exynos 7 64-bit or equivalent Qualcomm Snapdragon.

The SamMobile site adds details stating that the design of Galaxy S6 hides under the code name Project Zero. Development of the project would be in its infancy and it is too early to define the characteristics for the future but the choice of smartphone codenamed already brings information.

Why Project Zero is the codename while the Galaxy S4 was called Project J and the Galaxy S4 Project K, while the Galaxy Note also has a letter to identify them? It is said by SamMobile that Samsung would definitely start from scratch for its next smartphone reference.