To believe that 1TB was not enough, now all Office 365 subscribers will switch to unlimited storage space for OneDrive.

In terms of storage space, Microsoft cannot do better. After various improvements including 1TB for all Office 365 subscribers, they will be entitled to unlimited storage space simply with OneDrive.

No additional cost is required, deployment will first affect users of Office 365 family, Office 365 Personnel and Office 365 University. There are currently 7 million from the Redmond and will be served to all in the coming months. The most impatient have the option to speed things up by placing on a list.

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The second phase will involve the deployment of Enterprise customers but it will take this time to the year 2015.

To say that Microsoft hits hard passing unlimited, even if we may think that this is primarily a means of promoting subscriptions to Office 365. It is then not sure whether its competitors in the online storage will align. It would be suicidal for so