So far presented in the form of pictures stolen, Oppo N3 is formalized through teasers released by the brand.

On 29 October the manufacturer Oppo will hold a conference that should be an opportunity for the manufacturer to unveil a range of products including its famous N3 smartphone that has surprised us for several weeks, thanks to its rotating camera sensor.

The brand is strong on teaser and published two photos before the time, highlighting the camera sensor's camera, located on the top, in a block pivoted allowing it to be rotated 180 degrees. An unusual idea that allows the N3 to have a photo sensor of 16 megapixel front and rear position, with no real impact on the invoice of the smartphone.

However, the smartphone is at the upscale and Oppo makes us understand posting its aerospace aluminum shell, while attracting the attention of faux leather which seams that it runs through the edges of the picture module.

Oppo N3

For the rest, the smartphone is expected with a 5.9-inches wide screen with a Full HD 1080p resolution and a Snapdragon 805 processor associated with 3GB of RAM. The brand will be compatible with 4G/LTE, and at the end of the month the price of this smartphone will be revealed.

Oppo N3 Smartphone Camera