If wearble computing increases among manufacturers, a major obstacle remains: it is complex for manufacturers to combine compactness and autonomy. That's why Samsung is moving towards a creative solution.

Transferring stored in power to another device to ensure its survival, that's what Samsung is providing us with its Power Sharing Cable, a new accessory that will connect to any micro USB device.

The idea is to take advantage of larger powers located in the large Samsung devices (smartphones or tablets) by allowing them to charge other USB devices (Samsung stress here smartwatches whose autonomy is strongly criticized).

The cable is only compatible with certain issued devices, namely Galaxy S5, Galaxy Tab A 10.5, Galaxy Tab S 8.4, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Avant and Galaxy Note 4. And because both the outlet is specific, but the cable uses a special protocol, which, via an application can be used to manage the amount of energy transferred.

Samsung Power Sharing cable

It is possible to choose what percentage of battery is transferred from one device to another, so as not to completely empty its smartphone in favor of a smartwatch whose features are deprived of much when it is not synchronized with first.

The cable is available for $19.99 and should do the trick until some next generation batteries offers us greater autonomy in some areas where it is increasingly reduced.