The project to create a video game based on Jurassic Park is underway, as its creator has released new images of the recently developed environments.

In development for over a year and a half, Jurassic Park: Aftermath is the challenge of a developer. Indeed, this modder has initiated the project of the creation of a video game based on the the first film by Steven Spielberg, while harnessing the graphics engine CryEngine of Crytek studio.

Due to a lack of staff, the project moves stealthily. However, the designer has recently released new in-game images of the recently built environments. Rendering and modeling are of good quality, but there is still a certain amount of work to do.

However, he confessed on his Facebook page that he has no knowledge of programming AI (artificial intelligence).

For now, no date has been specified about any working version of this game.

Jurassic Park: Aftermath

Jurassic Park: Aftermath Images

Jurassic Park: Aftermath Pictures

Jurassic Park: Aftermath Screenshot