Microsoft takes advantage of the iOS 8 update and the launch of the iPhone 6 to provide 30GB of free online storage with OneDrive. This is actually true for all but on one condition.

Last week was marked by the availability of the updated iOS 8 and the commercial launch of the iPhone 6. Microsoft took advantage of big buzz around this news to highlight OneDrive and proposing to double its online storage capacity.

"We think you'll enjoy having more free storage when you set up your iPhone 6 or upgrade to iOS 8". These are well 30GB of storage space that is offered free from Microsoft.

The Redmond implicitly refers to the fact that users of an iPhone or iPad have been or are forced to clean up their device to download greedy iOS 8 update for installation. It may require more than 6GB in some cases.


To avoid this free space available problem, however there is the option of going through iTunes instead of deleting photos and uninstalling applications. Microsoft also seems to point the finger at the base model of the iPhone 6 with its 16GB.

The proposal of 30GB storage space with OneDrive is valid until the end of the month and conditioned to the activation of the automatic backup of photos with OneDrive iOS app.

But if Microsoft pretends to deal only with iPhone users, 30 GB are also offered with the activation of the automatic backup to OneDrive for Windows Phone, Android and Windows.