Square Enix has recently launched a website portal dedicated to Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, highlighting the logo of the download platform Steam. Also, it is likely that the title will arrive on PC soon that can be seen through this logo.

Out there a few years ago on home consoles, Final Fantasy XIII was not appreciated by all fans of the RPG from Square Enix, partly because of its linear progression. Never before adapted on PC, the title could finally land on this platform.

Indeed, the publisher has recently launched an online portal for communicating on FFXIII trilogy, which will be playable on smartphones and tablets via the cloud gaming technology Dive which will happen on October 9 in Japan.

Final Fantasy XIII

Additionally, the logo of the download platform Steam is highlighted, most likely to offer a tailored set of Japanese role on PC version.

It would not really be a surprise, since Square Enix has previously adapted Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII on the Valve service. It remains to be seen for the official confirmation from the company.