Similar to Windows Phone 8.1, a health notifications will be available in the next Windows OS. Already a first look of it is published online.

Alerts and notification area is one thing, but to have a Notification Center is another. And that's what Windows 9 has in its cartons. The rumor was confirmed by WinFuture that added another demo video to its collection made ​​with Windows Technical Preview.

The feature seems similar to Notification Center introduced with Windows Phone 8.1, although it does not currently appear to be any question of the virtual personal assistant Cortana. An integration that is still part of the speculation.

The notification center Windows 9 brings together alerts and system messages notification and traditional applications as well as those of modern applications. The video shows no interaction with notifications but it is likely that it will happen later.

Windows 9 Notification Center

Notifications are grouped in the center depending on the original application and the time of onset. Users - who might have missed - can quickly find them. The demonstration revolves around notifications of Skype.

In the center of notifications, each notification may be deleted individually or all at once.

Watch the Video at this address.